Women Running

In person visits coming soon!  Please check back for updates on where and when!

Womens Health Exams & Concerns -

These visits are difficult enough without sitting in a cold exam room, with someone who rushes in, rushes through, and rushes out. 

There are very few health concerns that are isolated events.  Lifestyle, diet choices, stress level, sleep patterns, etc affect every aspect of health ESPECIALLY those specific to "Women's Health".  Anticipate a conversation - not just a quick visit - that will include some overall health coaching/advice for all aspects of your life.

Your exam can be comfortable and unhurried for:

Routine well-woman exams (pap smears, breast exams, orders for mammograms, age appropriate screenings, etc).

UTI symptoms, vaginal discharge with symptoms (itching, burning, odor, etc), birth control refill (without changes), new found breast lump, and more.

Abnormal periods, period changes, painful periods, menopause symptoms, uncomfortable intercourse, STD/STI exposure, painful breasts, initial birth control consult, birth control changes, family planning, low sex drive, and SO MUCH more!